Presidential Palace of Nanjing

Nanjing is the ancient capital of the Six Dynasties in China. There are many historical sites and it reveals a kind of ancient charm. In addition, Nanjing also occupies an important position in the modern history of China, and the Presidential Palace of Nanjing is its representative in modern history. It is the largest and most complete architectural complex in modern China, with extremely high historical significance, and it is also one of the main representatives of Nanjing architecture, an important site of modern Chinese history, and has now been turned into a museum of modern Chinese history sites. The Presidential Palace of Nanjing has been the center of China’s political and military affairs and the source of major events for many times since modern times. A series of major events in China have occurred here, and many important figures have been active here.

The Presidential Palace of Nanjing has both traditional Chinese ancient gardens in the south of the Yangtze River, as well as architectural relics from the period when the western style spreads to the east. It has a history of more than 600 years.

This is a courtyard that combines Chinese and Western styles. The two are ingeniously integrated but never conflict, forming a unique building style of the Presidential Palace.

The central area of the Presidential Palace of Nanjing complex mainly includes the National Government, the Presidential Palace and its affiliated institutions; the west area has Sun Yat-sen’s Provisional Presidential Office, the Secretariat, the West Garden, Sun Yat-sen’s living room and the staff headquarters, etc.; the east area mainly includes the Executive Yard and Stables and East Garden etc.

Opening hours of Presidential Palace of Nanjing: all year round, Tuesday to Sunday 09:00-17:00 (last entry at 16:00) and closed on Monday (except national holidays).

Appreciate the Beautiful Red Lotus in Udon Thani Thailand

Udon Thani is an unknown province that is located in the northeast of Thailand. However, from November to March every year, a sea of red lotus like a carpet of water is hidden. When the red lotus flower is in full bloom, more than 4,000 acres of lotus flowers dye the lake into a beautiful color, and the horizon that borders the sky presents a beautiful pink.

The local government will also hold an event on the lake on Valentine’s Day on February 14. The atmosphere will be livelier and it means there will be more tourists. You can appreciate the charming view of the red lotus from sunrise till 13:00 p.m. If you want to enjoy the sunrise and lotus scenery at the same time, the best viewing time is 6 o’clock in the morning, and you can enjoy the sunrise mapped on the pink horizontal line. After 13:00 o’clock in the afternoon, if the sunlight is too strong, the lotus will gradually close, and it will not bloom again until the evening.

Address: The Red Lotus Marine is located at Nong Han Kumphawap Lake, less than 50 kilometers from Udon Thani, about 50 minutes by car from the city. Enter Red Lotus Marine in Google Maps to reach the dock on the lake.

How to get to the Red Lotus Marine in Udon Thani

Plane: Udon Thani has an airport, you can fly from Bangkok, with about an hour’s flight, and other major cities in Thailand also have flights to Udon Thani.

By car: It takes more than 7 hours to drive from Bangkok or Chiang Mai to Udon Thani for about 600 kilometers.

Long-distance bus: There are buses to Udon Thani at the Mo Chit 2 bus terminal in Bangkok, and there are also buses from Chiang Mai and other larger cities to Udon Thani.

Train: Bangkok has a train to Udon Thani, but it is time-consuming. The price of train tickets is sometimes not as good as promotional plane tickets.

Dongguan Grand Mosque

The Dongguan Grand Mosque is a majestic building that combines Chinese, Tibetan, and Islamic styles.

It’s located next to Dongguan Street, Dongcheng District, Xining City. It is a courtyard composed of several buildings. It takes about one hour to visit the entire temple. The current building here was built in 1913. Just standing outside the temple, you can see a magnificent Islamic-style arched building. This is the gatehouse of the Dongguan Grand Mosque. On both sides, there are two minarets, which are also typical Islamic buildings. Inside, there are several Han-style palaces, with Tibetan Buddhist style roofs on top of the halls, which are very unique. After entering, you can visit various buildings, and visitors are not allowed to enter the worship hall, but you can watch and take pictures from the door.

In addition, when night falls, the outside of Dongguan Grand Mosque will be lit up with green lights. The entire Dongguan Grand Mosque is beautiful and fantastic. It is very good to watch and shoot outside the temple.

Dongguan Grand Mosque is a place of worship for Muslims in the surrounding area. There are five worships every day, each lasting about 15-20 minutes. The worship in Dongguan Grand Mosque is often large and grand, but the scene is very pious and quiet. Watching it from the side during the worship, you will feel that there is a strong religious atmosphere, which is very shocking. It should be noted that the temple is no longer open to the public during the worship hours on Friday afternoon, so please arrange your time reasonably.

There are free explanations in the temple, which can help tourists understand the content and religious rituals of Islam. The explanations here are very in-depth and wonderful. There will also be the chanting of the Koran, which is ethereal and melodious. You must not miss it.

Erawan Waterfall

The natural scenery of Thailand has always been a big reason for attracting travelers. The Erawan Waterfall is located in Kanchanaburi. It takes about an hour by car from Kanchanaburi. And it is approximately 2 hours drive from Saiyou, and the cost of a chartered round trip is 3000 baht.

With the arrival of noon, the mountain is also sultry, and it is a very pleasant thing to go into the water to play for a while and continue to crawl up. When you keep going up, the waterfall looks more and more changeable. The faint blue has become deeper and deeper. Although the bottom can still be seen, this blue has made people feel innocent. Many Europeans start to play on the mountain at 5:00 or 6:00 o’clock, and start to go down until 11 o’clock. Around 9:00 o’clock is the best time period, and almost no one will grab this natural bath with you.

Erawan Waterfall, also known as the Seven-layer Waterfall, is a natural waterfall created by a total of seven layers with different shapes. Each level of waterfall will have different colors, and the colors of mountains and stones will also be different. The more you go up, the clearer the water will come. There is a small natural gap between the third and fourth layers, which is a favorite place for many tourists. Most of the tourists also spent time here. There are also free fish bites that are really comfortable! Just lie in the water, let the sun shine on every corner of your body, it is warm and quiet. The waterfall is beautiful and dazzling, and each layer has its own unique features. Pay attention to allocating time for play, the seventh floor will be closed after 18:00, and there will be more and more tourists in the afternoon.

Address: Si Sawat, Kanchanaburi

Means of transportation: chartered cars are required. At Kanchanaburi station, chartered cars or mini buses are available. The approximate price of the chartered car is around 2000-3000 baht.

Keketuohai Scenic Area

Keketuohai Scenic Area

Keketuohai is located on the northeast side of Fuyun County in the Altay region of northern Xinjiang. It is an important spot that tourists will visit on the Kanasi ring road of northern Xinjiang. There are deep canyons, clear and transparent rivers, steep and beautiful peaks in the scenic area, and the environment is very beautiful. There is also a large area of birch, poplar and pine forests between the canyons. It is suitable to go there during autumn. At this time, the leaves are golden and gorgeous, and the top of the mountain behind the forest is also starting to snow. It looks like a beautiful snowy mountain. Mountains and rivers set off against each other. It is a good choice for autumn photography.

Keketuohai in a broad sense refers to a large area near the town of Keketuohai, where there are four parts of Kokosuri, Irimu Lake, seismic fault zone, and The Irtysh Grand Canyon, of which Kokosuri, Irimu Lake, and the seismic fault zone are all on the way to the Grand Canyon. These places are not development attractions. They are free to visit. You can simply take a look when you go to the Grand Canyon. The Irtysh Grand Canyon is the main scenic spot of Keketuohai, which is the Keketuohai scenic spot that is referred to by ordinary tourists.

Keketuohai Scenic Area (that is, the Irtysh Grand Canyon Scenic Area) is the source of the famous Irtysh River in northern Xinjiang. The scenic area is about 20 kilometers long, including birch forest, Shuimogou, Shenzhong Mountain, hot springs, etc. The attractions are all along the Irtysh River. There is a shuttle bus within the scenic area, which needs a round-trip ticket (17 kilometers one way) from the gate of the scenic area to the Shenzhong Mountain. The shuttle bus operates like a bus, with a few stops in the middle. Tourists get off the bus to visit the surrounding attractions and then wait for the next bus. Shenzhong Mountain is 6.5 kilometers away from the hot spring in the canyon. You need to go on foot. If the physical strength is not enough, you can also take the scenic spot patrol car to go there.

Enjoy One-Day Diving Trip in Trang Thailand

Located in the southern part of Thailand, Trang Province is Thailand’s most famous diving resort, as there are clear blue waters, delicate soft sand, beautiful beaches, and most importantly the colorful underwater world. Let’s take a look at the diving resorts in Trang Province today.

Chao Mai Beach

The first one is Chao Mai Beach. Chao Mai Beach is a well-known tourist destination in Trang Province and the starting point for diving destinations in Trang Province. There are approximately 5 kilometers of white beaches, refreshing sea breeze and clear water. You can also eat a delicious seafood meal by the sea, try a delicious dessert and drink a cup of fragrant coffee.

Koh Ngai

After enjoying the perfect meal, you can head to Pak Meng Pier for a boat ride to the beautiful island of Koh Ngai. The quietness and beauty of Koh Ngai Island is definitely the most popular among travelers. The clear water and beautiful beaches make it one of the famous diving spots in Trang Province. It is also a very suitable place for relaxation. Every year, a large number of tourists come to this island to feel the beauty of nature. Walk on the beach and feel the sea breeze and the cool water, it is really enjoyable.

Ko Chueak Island

Ko Chueak Island is the ultimate goal of diving trips in Trang Province. The small island here is a stone mountain born from the seabed. Although there is no beach, the seabed environment here is very suitable for the growth of living things. There are lush coral group with colorful coral fish and it is the number one diving resort in Trang Province. Through the clear water, you can see colorful sea anemones, beautiful staghorn corals, colorful soft corals, and very cute coral fishes traversing the coral.

Jinfo Mountain

Jinfo Mountain is located in Nanchuan District of Chongqing City. It is a typical karst geological landform. Peaks and valleys stretch over dozens of large and small mountains and there stands more than 100 steep peaks. The highest peak of Jinfo Mountain is more than 2,200 meters above sea level, with various mountains, water, stones, forests, springs and other scenery!

When the summer and autumn evenings are clear, the setting sun sets the mountain cliffs to glory and magnificence, like a giant Buddha with golden body shining tens of thousands of rays of light, to be very spectacular and beautiful. Jinfo Mountain is not far from the main city of Chongqing. It is suitable to go there in winter or summer. The cool summer is suitable for avoiding from the summer heat. It will snow in the mountains in winter. At that time, it is also a famous ski resort in Chongqing.

Entering the West Slop Scenic Area, you can choose to walk through the 2.5-kilometer Bitan Valley to reach the ropeway station. You can also choose to take the scenic sightseeing bus directly to the ropeway station. After riding up the mountain, you can walk slowly along the golden turtle Chaoyang Trail, pass through the bamboo forest, viewing platform, etc., you can stop and look at the cliffs. The visitor center can be reached in about 1.5 hours. There is a tour bus directly to the north slope at the fork in front of the visitor center, but it is only available during the high season.

The mountain slopes on the north slope are strange and steep. After taking the ropeway up the mountain, you can also walk the remaining ancient plank road on the mountain. There are many natural karst caves on the mountain on the northern slope, the ancient Buddha cave is the most famous.

OISHI EATERIUM: A High Cost-performance Japanese Cuisine Store in Bangkok

The OISHI EATERIUM buffet restaurant has a good dining environment, delicious ingredients, and enthusiastic service. It is the gospel of sashimi lovers and Japanese buffet lovers. This Japanese buffet restaurant is located on the 7th floor of the Central Plaza Grand Rama 9 shopping mall in Bangkok. The average price of 700 baht includes service fees and taxes. Many people think that the price is still very high cost-performance.

The dining environment of OISHI EATERIUM is as follows. The restaurant is divided into several eating areas, which are divided into sashimi, cold meals, cooked food, fruits, desserts, barbecue, tempura, soup and so on. All the sashimi is freshly cut by the chefs, and they are absolutely fresh, and the taste cannot be described only by the words of fresh and tender. You can’t stop it with just one bite. Especially for the salmon and big octopus, with a plate of soy sauce plus a little mustard, you will feel the whole sea is in your mouth when you have a bite. There are also many small and delicate sashimi, which are also delicious.

Japanese teppanyaki in the OISHI EATERIUM is also superb, and the portion is not much. You can order more tastings. Each table has several small menus. If you make food on site like this, you need to wait for a certain time. After completion, the waiter will help you to take the food to the table. The menu can be recycled indefinitely.

There are eight cauldrons next to the fruit area, one of which is butter mussels, and when it is served with refreshing broccoli and carrots, it is okay to eat a few more. In addition, there are salmon head, Thai fried noodles, duck palm, various kinds of fried dishes, etc. The ice-cream here is full and delicious, which is not losing to professional dessert shops.

Transportation: take MRT to param9 station.

Mistine Products Recommendations for You Shopping List in Thailand

Thai Mistine Coconut Cleansing Oil

Mistine’s cleansing oil has a simple formula, which contains coconut oil essence, and has a moisturizing effect. It is a vegetable oil-based formula that is mild and non-irritating. It is specially designed for Mistine make-up, and the makeup cleansing effect is great, even Mistine’s lip dye can be removed very cleanly. And the emulsification speed is particularly fast, which is similar to Fancl, but it’s a little bit oilier than Fancl. After washing with facial cleanser, there is no oily feeling.

Thailand Mistine Natural Organic Lip Balm

The moisture of Mistine Lip Balm is super good, it is the kind that is not oily, it is lighter and moisturizing than the lipstick of Uriage. The taste is a touch of coconut, not a flavor. The paste is light beige and very soft. But some are only five centimeters tall and one centimeter in diameter. It is a full circle smaller than ordinary lipstick. It is made of 100% pure plants, which is safe and secure.

Thai Mistine Coconut Hair Essential Oil

Compared with other fragrant and oily hair oils, Mistine’s coconut skin care oil is very clear and non-greasy. The flow is good and the hair absorbs quickly. The coconut and nut essence oil make the hair become softer and smoother. There will be a touch of coconut flavor, which is fresh and natural, and the taste can be maintained for a day. After using this essential oil, the hair becomes light and supple, and it is the savior of dry and soft hair. This essential oil for hair care is also very small and can be put in a bag without taking up space, so it is very convenient to carry when traveling.

Thai Mistine White Spa Hand Cream

Mistine’s hand cream also has a lot of fragrances like Insfree. The most popular and best-smell one is this purple white musk hand cream. In fact, the taste is more like the neutralization of violet and lavender. It is super smelly and will leave a slight scent after washing your hands. Moisture is good, and the hands are very refreshing and hydrated after absorption, making it more suitable for spring and autumn use.

Prasat Muang Tam

Phanom Rung Historical Park is at the top of the mountain. If you continue to drive along the mountain road, 8 kilometers of the downhill road can reach another well-preserved Angkor ruin: Prasat Muang Tam. Built in the late 10th century or the early 11th century, it combines two architectural styles of North & South Kleangs and Baphuon Temple. It is composed of five tower-shaped buildings, the tower is made of red brick, and the base is made of breccia.

Unlike other Khmer buildings, Prasat Muang Tam built four corner-shaped pools between the two floors of the enclosure, echoing the five pagodas of the temple, symbolizing Mount Sumida and the vast ocean in the center of the world.

Follow the road to enter the inner wall, inside which stands five towers, symbolizing the five peaks of Mount Sumida, the residence of the Hindu gods. The central pagoda that is dedicated to the statue of Shiva is the most damaged. The other four pagodas are repaired and are relatively complete. Some of these monuments only have brick walls, but they are still very shocking. The mottled sunlight is scattered through the ancient windows, as if time and space were scattered in this temple. The changing light and shadow have startled the contemplative tourists and passed through a thousand years in a trance. Those years that have gone through the shift from star to star, and the wind and rain have eroded the city, while also giving it more attractive traces. The once glorious big country has long been drowned in historical changes.

To this day, people’s piety continues to depict the appearance of history on the stone. And after all this, the light of faith is like the warm flowers on this desolate stone brick, with a little more tolerance and timelessness.