Xidi Ancient Village

Xidi and Hongcun have been rated as world cultural heritages. They are unique and they are representative of several thousand ancient villages in Huizhou and they are typical Huizhou culture. If you want to know Huizhou culture, you must come here. Compared with Hongcun Ancient Village, Xidi has less commercialization, but has more tranquility, and features a different kind of beauty. It needs to be realized slowly. In the morning or evening, walking on the bluestone road in the village, you will feel like passing through the time and space. At this time, Xidi is the most beautiful and it is the most suitable for taking pictures, so it is best to stay in Xidi Ancient Village for one night. Xidi Village has a lot of alleys, and there are three small streams. It feels almost the same. It is easy to get lost for the first time. In the south side of the village, you can look at the pastoral scenery. There is a viewing platform on the south side of the hillside, which is suitable for watching the panorama of the village and taking pictures. Just relax and adjust your mind to play in Xidi Ancient Village, where you can find different beauty and get different feelings.

“Hongcun is a painting, Xidi is a book” is just a metaphor. Xidi is well preserved and the humanity is more intense. At the edge of the lake in the entrance of the village, there is the iconic building of Xidi: Hu Wenguang’s historic building. Walking through the alleys which are featuring the white wall and green titles, you will feel the thick cultural atmosphere. In the hills on the edge of the village, you can see the whole picture of the village.

The difference between Xidi and Hongcun village is that Xidi’s architectural features are stronger. The entire ancient village is named Hu, and many beautiful archways are the characteristic of Xidi village. From the right-hand side of the village, you can see rapeseed field and beautiful scenery added radiance by the Xidi ancient architecture. Don’t miss it. Xidi is picturesque and the village architecture is the Huizhou architecture style. It should be a place where photography enthusiasts and paint lovers like to come.