West Sea Grand Canyon

The West Sea Grand Canyon, is also known as the “Baiyun Valley” because of the Baiyun River in the valley. This canyon is made up of Shizhufeng and Shichuangfeng, and the thin knife peak on the right front, Feilai stone, the Paiyun Pavilion, Danxia Peak, Songlin Peak on the opposite and the Jiufeng Peak and Yunwai Peak on the left front. With a total length of about 15 kilometers, the West Sea Grand Canyon is one of the famous Grand Canyons in the Yellow Mountains. At the entrance to the canyon, it is a narrow dragon beach, which is 2 miles long and only 15 meters wide. The cliffs on both sides are steep. Through the canyon, you will feel that the plants are flourishing, the rocks are fascinating, the caves are quiet, the stone forests are dense, the streams are clear, and the walls are as steep as the scorpion. Some people call it the “Devil World”, which is an unexplored virgin land in the Yellow Mountains Scenic Area.

In order to unravel the mystery of this strange and mysterious narrow canyon, in 1983, the Huangshan Garden Department organized a six-person expedition team to climb the cliff at the foot of the Xihai Mountain, took a difficult and dangerous investigation of the West Sea Grand Canyon, and finally got to know this mysterious world. Looking around in the canyon, you can see the high mountains, middle mountains and dwarf mountains; distant mountains, close mountains and foothills. The level and the outline are clear, and it is magnificent and unique, and amazing. It is by no means comparable to the scenic spots that the Yellow Mountains has developed. Some people say that the West Sea Grand Canyon is the splendid highlight of the Yellow Mountains, so it is known as the “Jinxiu Dock”.

The West Sea Grand Canyon is surrounded by mountains, pines and cypresses. The beautiful scenery of the Yellow Mountains is gathered here. You can overlook the scenery step by step, or climb up to touch the strange stones. The mountain road is rugged, steep but not dangerous, you will feel it a great fun travelling in the West Sea Grand Canyon.