Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Center

The Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Center is located in the People’s Square in the city center. It has five floors and there are a large number of graphic materials and architectural models, as well as a panoramic model of Shanghai. The lobby on the first floor has the iconic Oriental Pearl and the surrounding architectural model. It is very stylish, and the large screen on the wall will show the introduction. In addition to the fixed exhibitions and display halls, there are some temporary cooperation exhibitions. The fixed exhibition hall has no big change. According to the chronological order of Shanghai history, various introductions are introduced. The maintenance of various exhibits is good. Some digital spaces and scenario simulations have been added. There is a simulated sailing and driving experience. The overall feeling in the Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Center is very good, and it is a good place for school-age children to study and visit.

There are three places in the exhibition center that are highly recommended: 1, 360-degree virtual film and television hall, which will show you a wonderful trip to Shanghai; 2, The small sand table of the Shanghai area; 3, the 5th floor observation decks. Other holographic simulations such as Shikumen and Yuyuan are also worth a look. In addition, it is best for you to view the film for three times: the first time to understand the content, the second time to take pictures, the third time to carefully taste.

The Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Center begins with the introduction of the geographical features before the formation of Shanghai, to the changes in various generations of Shanghai and in the Ming and Qing Dynasties, there was the prototype of Shanghai planning, and the map of Shanghai at that time was also visible. On the 4th floor, there is a panoramic model of the center of Shanghai, which is very grand and magnificent.

The Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Center is a very worthwhile place for both Shanghainese and foreigners. Because it takes fee, so usually there will be quite few visitors, but the environment is very good. There is also a coffee shop on the fifth floor for light meals.