Wuzhizhou Tourism Zone

There is not much original natural landscape left on the island. It is more like a mixture of beaches, playgrounds, zoos and botanical gardens, and wedding photographs. It is a bit nondescript, but this may make visitors feel it worthwhile and it is a great value for money. If you like beach only, you may go to Yalong Bay; if you like animals and plants only, you can go to Yanoda Penang Valley; if you look for somewhere where wedding photos can be taken, every attraction in Sanya is ideal choice. The development of the island diversification project will make the tourism economy last for a long time. The island includes a one-stop service for food, clothing, housing and transportation. The cost is high, but it is within the tolerance as you can enjoy delicious food, comfortable accommodation, and awesome scenery there. If you want to see the scenery, just add the battery car business, as there will be a driver to explain for you. If you want to watch the sunrise and sunset, just live on the island. If you like the sea, you can play the sea sports project, and if you want to overlook Wuzhizhou Island, just rent a helicopter. As long as you have money to play, you will be comfortable during your visit in Wuzhizhou Tourism Zone.

It’s really a beautiful island, and there are so many people waiting in line on the island! The price is not cheap, the ticket for the island plus the ticket for the boat is 140 yuan. The battery car fees have 80 yuan, 128 yuan and 168 yuan for you to choose. It is recommended to take it, as if you don’t take it you won’t arrive at the final attractions, which are the most beautiful attractions and are not the same scenery!

There are not many people swimming on Wuzhizhou Island, and there are not many places for swimming, but so many people take pictures or play water projects! If it is not necessary to play a lot of water projects on the island, it is not recommended to live on the island as the price is relatively high! Anyway, Wuzhizhou Tourism Zone is really an excellent place for vacation.