Tiger Leaping Gorge

The upper tiger leaping gorge is the upper section of the Tiger Leaping Gorge, about 9 kilometers from the town of Tiger Leaping Gorge, and is a narrow section of the entire Tiger Leaping Gorge. In the vicinity of the observation deck, the width is only less than 30 meters. It has a triangular boulder in the middle of the river that divides the torrent into two parts, and the splashing waves like snow. Legend has it that there was a tiger jumped from the side of the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, to the side of the Haba Snow Mountain via the stone in the heart of the river, so the stone was named: Tiger Leaping Stone. The development of the upper tiger leaping gorge was earlier, and the plank road could be down from the roadside to the riverside. People who walks fast will just take 20 minutes to arrive there. Because the road is simple and convenient, the distance is relatively close, and the difficulty is low, so some people joked that the upper tiger leaping gorge is the ” activity center of the elderly.”

The Middle Tiger Leaping Gorge is followed by the upper tiger leaping gorge. It is about 8 km from the Observation Deck in upper tiger leaping gorge. The gorger narrows of Middle Tiger Leaping Gorge is slightly wider, and the river surface is relatively open, but there are many dangerous beaches. The river runs through the reef area. Under the sunshine, it sparkles, like a star shining in the sky, so it is called: Mantianxin. The path is narrow and rugged, and it takes about 40 minutes to the river. The riverside has a lot of strange rocks, the river is stirring and rushing, and splashing with water, so that you can see the beautiful rainbow.

Walking along the road from the Middle Tiger Leaping Gorge, you will find that the mountains suddenly open up, the river surface becomes wide, and the river tends to be gentle. It is like a huge reservoir in the canyon. Here is the Lower Tiger Leaping gorge.