Huanglong Cave

Huanglong Cave is famous for its wide caves, deep rivers and dense stalagmites. The numerous stalactites such as stalactites and stone pillars in the cave are colorful under the light. In particular, the iconic attraction “Dinghai Shenzhen”, is a stalactite column up to 20 meters, and the finest diameter is only 10 cm.

The area of Huanglong Cave is very large, with a total length of about 7 kilometers. The highest height in the cave is about 100 meters. When you are visiting in the Huanglong Cave, you can see a large number of stone stalactites such as stone milk, stone pillars, stalagmites, stone sarcophagi, stone harps and stone flowers. And the famous “Dinghai Shenzhen” in the cave has been estimated that it has grown for 200,000 years. To this end, it has insured a security of 100 million yuan by the scenic spot.

It is also very interesting to see the sightseeing routes of the “water route and land route” in the Huanglong cave. After visitors enter the cave, they will walk for a section at first, then board the ship at the pier on the dark river in the cave, take a cruise (the fee is included in the ticket), and enjoy the beauty of the river and the wonders of the stalagmites. The cruise takes about 15 minutes and then you will continue to walk after landing. You can meet the magical cave waterfall. And you cannot go back in the Huanglong Cave, as the exit and the entrance are not the same place, but it is not far from each other.

Huanglong Cave is an attraction that specializes in the view of the cave landscape. There are large green spaces and streams in front of the cave. The stalactites in the cave are dazzling. The whole cave is relatively large and you can view a lot of attractions inside the cave.

From Wulingyuan Bus Station, take bus No. 1 to reach the gate of the Huanglong Cave scenic spot, which is about 20-minutes’ drive, and still very fast. Tickets that are booked online can be taken directly on the self-service machine. Remember to use the ID card when you collect the ticket.