Black Dragon Pool Park

Black Dragon Pool Park is located at the foot of the Xiangshan Mountain in Lijiang Ancient Town. Walking from the big waterwheel, you will find there is a crystal-clear spring pool, which is the Black Dragon Pool. Here you can take the photo of the beautiful Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, watch many ancient buildings in the courtyard, and climb the Xiangshan Mountain to overlook the ancient town. It is an important attraction in the ancient town.

Black Dragon Pool was originally a dragon temple in Lijiang. There were many springs at the temple, and the water was formed into a pool. Because the spring water is like jade, it can reflect the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, so it is also known as “Yuquan Park.” Here is the water source of the ancient town of Lijiang. You can see the spring column that flows the water at the edge of the spring pool. The spring water is very clear.

Black Dragon Poo Parkl is a good place to shoot the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain. The image of the reflection of the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain in Wukong Bridge, Deyue Building, Snow Mountain and Black Dragon Pool has become a classic postcard of Lijiang. It is also one of the most photographed places for tourists in Lijiang. To take photos of the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, you will have the best light in the morning and evening. Especially when the weather is fine, the blue sky and white clouds and the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain are reflected in the pool water, making it as beautiful as a painting, and because of this, there are relatively few opportunities to see the reflection of the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain during the rainy season in June and July.

The buildings in the park are also the highlights that cannot be missed. Due to various historical reasons, many important cultural relics around Lijiang have been migrated here. The ancient buildings and the pool water and snow are set against each other. It is also very pleasant to take a walk, enjoy leisure and do morning exercise in the Black Dragon Pool Park.