Six Harmonious Pagoda

Six Harmonious Pagoda is adjacent to the Qiantang River Bridge, from where you can overlook the Qiantang River after you have climbed the pagoda. The pagoda was built by the Eminent monk in the Northern Song Dynasty to manage the Qiantang River. From the outside, the ancient tower of nearly 60 meters has 13 floors. Each floor has many small windows, and 104 iron bells are hung on the tower. But in fact, there are only seven floors in the tower, and the structure is very unique.

The park is not big, after you enter the gate, just walk a short distance to the foot of the ancient tower. Inside the Six Harmonious Pagoda, you can climb. The narrower the stairs, the more difficult it is to climb. It feels like a small attic. In each floor, you can go out to view the scenery and look at the distance from different heights. Ascending the top of the tower, you can see the rolling Qiantang River just around the corner. The Qiantang River Bridge spans both banks and the buildings and greenery on both sides of the river are in full view. The river wind blows the iron bell, and the antique rhyme is rich. Six Harmonious Pagoda has been a place where scholars and literati loved to view the river and make poetry since ancient times. It has been repaired in different dynasties. The tower is also engraved with patterns of flowers, birds and beasts.

The Six Harmonious Pagoda, located on the banks of the Qiantang River, is too famous in Hangzhou, and it should be visited. On the tower, you can overlook the riverside city on the opposite bank, and you will find that the high-rise buildings are everywhere, and the Qiantang River Bridge and the Fuxing Bridge are lying on the river, just like rainbow. The scenery is very beautiful. The scenery on each floor of the pagoda is different. The 4th and 5th floors are the best position to view the Qiantang River.

The Qiantang River in the evening is more beautiful. It is recommended to climb the tower during the day and look at the night view of Qiantang River at night. The brick carving of Six Harmonious Pagoda itself is also very rich and interesting. At the same time, there is also a Peony Exhibition in the scenic area. With the spring scenery, Six Harmonious Pagoda also has different spring beauty.