Tiger Hill

Tiger Hill is a land of idyllic beauty hidden in the city. The scenic area is smaller than what you imagined. Hill, as the name suggests, there is no mountains that are too high. The vegetation of Tiger Hill is densely packed and complements the human landscape. After years of baptism, nature and humanity have been integrated to bring out the historical vicissitudes of the scenic spot. The attractions in the garden have their own stories. It is recommended to have some knowledge reserve before entering the garden. You can also follow the tour guide, listen carefully and feel the baptism of culture. Some corners of the scenic spot can even give people a feeling of being in the prairie. The fare of the Tiger Hill Ticket is 80 yuan, which is slightly expensive. However, to Suzhou, without visiting Tiger Hill, it is regrettable. In short, it is still worth a visit, Suzhou is the epitome of Jiangnan, and hope Jiangnan culture can have a better heritage.

Sword Pool is the focus of the visit to Tiger Hill, where the natural scenery is very strange and captivating. Climb up the steps and go to the top of the mountain, where you can view the attractions such as Yunyan Temple Tower and Yunyan Temple. The Yunyan Temple Tower is the top priority in the Tiger Hill attractions. The most attractive thing is that it is a leaning tower. The spire is tilted more than two meters to the northwest. It is called China’s “Pisa Leaning Tower” and “World’s Second Leaning Tower”. It is very special and attracts many tourists to take photos here. The Yunyan Temple Tower is now not allowed to enter inside, so you can watch it outside.

In addition, each year, Tiger Hill will hold several flower festivals activities (the Spring Festival Flower Festival during the Spring Festival, the Spring Flower Festival from the end of March to May, and the Golden Autumn Temple Fair in September). A large number of Chinese and foreign famous flower plants will be exhibited, and the scenery will be beautiful. There are also performances and other activities, which is a good time to visit Tiger Hill.