If you come to Shanghai, without visiting the Bund, it is a pity. Although it is said that tourists are intensive here, it is uncomfortable to push the people crowd during the day, the Bund witnessed the change of Shanghai, from a small fishing village to a complex architecture of different styles, which is opposite the Oriental Pearl, Financial Center, Jinmao Tower, and Shanghai Tower, to be higher and higher. It is also worth our pride. As a person living in Shanghai, it is certainly not going to be the Bund during the day, but there is flavor in the Bund at night. The skyscrapers are shining with lights, and the crowds have faded. It is the moment to appreciate the beauty of the Bund!

There are skyscrapers standing on the banks of the Huangpu River. You can clearly see their colors and their location during the day. At night, the lights are on, and you can watch the neon flashing, and another scene. Take a walk around the Bund and take a photo before you leave Shanghai.

Here in the Bund, there are 52 classical revival buildings of different styles The Universal Expo of architectures; here is the true portrayal of the Shanghai Miles Ocean Field; here, the opposite side of the Huangpu River is the Lujiazui with high-rise buildings; here, it is undoubtedly the most representative landmark of Shanghai, also a classic miniature of Shanghai. The perfect combination of modern and classical, has no abruptness but a variety of styles. It’s really the place worthy your visit, to blow the air and look at the high-rise buildings opposite the Bund.

However, it is not recommended to go to the Bund on various holidays. It is best if you can avoid the peak season. People there are really so many in holidays like the National Day holiday. On the first day, everyone huddled up in the queue and it was impossible to stop and take pictures. The next day you can go to the Bund at ten o’clock. There are not many people, and no one squeezed, so you can take any pictures you like. It is strongly recommended to stroll after ten o’clock, but by eleven o’clock, the lights of the opposite building began to disappear, including the Oriental Pearl, so just take a right time to visit The Bund.