The Summer Palace

The Summer Palace is the royal garden of the Qing Dynasty in China. It was formerly known as the Qingyi Garden. It is located in the western suburbs of Beijing, 15 kilometers from the urban area, covering an area of about 290 hectares, adjacent to Yuanmingyuan. It is based on Kunming Lake and Wanshou Mountain, and is based on Hangzhou West Lake as its blueprint. It is a large-scale landscape garden built by the design method of Jiangnan Garden. It is also the most preserved royal palace, known as the “Royal Garden Museum”. It is also a national key tourist attraction. The main components of the Summer Palace are Wanshou Mountain and Kunming Lake. Around this mountain and lake, there are more than 3,000 palace garden buildings of various forms. Autumn scenery of the Summer Palace is beautiful.

Entering from the North Palace Gate, and directly climbing on Wanshou Mountain, you need to buy a small ticket to enter the Pavilion of the Fragrance of Buddha, then after going down the mountain there is the east side corridor, where you can see the residence of Lafayette. During the Qing Dynasty, there was a light lamp, which was really unbelievable! Then take a boat on the island to the opposite west bank. It is no wonder that Cixi stayed here, as the Kunming Lake feels so comfortable, so many tourists really like the Summer Palace.


In Spring time, the peach blossoms on the west bank are booming, reflecting the lake and the bridge behind, which is fantastic!


When you have a travel in China, you must go a visit to the Summer Palace. It is a very nice and very beautiful place. Beijing’s tickets should be the cheapest in the country. The tickets in the low season and peak season also are different, and you can also use Beijing Park’s annual ticket, which is very cost-effective. The promenade of the Summer Palace, the sunset of Kunming Lake, the 100-year-old Magnolia and the 17-hole Bridge in spring are all very famous sights. They are also very beautiful. It is a place where you must to travel to Beijing. It is highly recommended!