Shanghai Wild Animal Park

The distance to the Shanghai Wild Animal Park is really a bit far, but the suburban environment is quite good. There are more than 2,000 squares of land in the whole park. The staff are very warm and the service attitude is very good. You can first visit the beast area by car. Even though they are beasts, they are too lazy and they sit still. You just need spend half an hour around there, and then go to the pedestrian zone, you can play there leisurely. If it is working day, there will be not many people, and it is quite good, you will be very happy.

In general, because the park is based on the theme of wild animals, it is said that you can see some animals that cannot see in the regular zoo. When you go there, you can take your children together, as it can give children a lot of insight. So, when it comes to weekends or when you are traveling, taking your children to take a look at the Shanghai Wild Animal Park is a good choice, as it is very educational, and very interesting and interactive.

There are many kinds of wild animals, and the scenery is still good. Especially the wild animal feeding area let people have the opportunity to get in close contact with wild animals, and children have close contact with wild animals. Shanghai Wild Animal Park is a good base for understanding small animals and getting close to nature. During your play at the park, you can also watch free sports performances of various animals. The price-performance of the Shanghai Wild Animal Park is still quite high. The Shanghai Wild Animal Park is still worth a visit.

The Shanghai Wild Animal Park is especially suitable for families and children to play there. Usually there will not be a lot of people on weekends, and there will be more people on holidays. In addition, you can also feed the swan and the tailed lemur. It is worth playing for a day.