Jinmao Tower

Jinmao Tower is not strange to everyone. It used to be the tallest building in Pudong, and later there are other higher buildings. The Jinmao Tower is divided into two parts, one is an office building and the other is a business-oriented one. The management of the office building is still very strict, and if you are not the office workers in the office building, you cannot enter and exit at will. The traffic of the adjacent building next to it is relatively large. And you can play there, go shopping there and have dinner there, but the layout is a bit messy.

The 88-story Jinmao Tower is the center of Shanghai. It takes just only 1 minute around by taking the elevator from the 1st floor to the 88th floor, and the speed is super-fast. You can see the whole Shanghai when you stand on the highest floor. Shanghai is really bright at night and worth visiting. But the indoor lighting and viewing glass should be properly treated so that visitors can avoid reflective effects when taking the outdoor scenery. The overall feeling is still good, and hope to improve in the future.

Jinmao Tower is one of Shanghai’s most famous attractions, and many people visit it every day. The total floor height is more than 400 meters. On the open 88-story sightseeing hall, you can overlook the entire Huangpu River. The 53rd floor to the 87th floor is the super five-star Grand Hyatt Hotel. There are great cafeterias and rooms of different styles that are worth a visit.

The delicious food in the Jinmao Tower cafeteria is really good. Although the price is very high, it is really real and worthy of its price. Many other hotel buffets may be more varied, but the taste and quality are not as good here. The salmon and sweet shrimp here are of good quality. Seafood barbecue is also top grade, the dessert is not only beautiful, the material is super good, especially the strawberry pudding, macaron and other snacks all use high quality ingredients.