Reed Flute Cave

From the perspective of the scenery, the Reed Flute Cave is still worth a visit. After all, it is a classic karst landform. The whole journey takes about 40 minutes to 1 hours to complete, and there are guides from the scenic spot to explain the details about the scenic spot. However, commercialization in the scenic spot is very serious, and there are many unenjoyable experiences there. Everyone should pay special attention to the following tips:

  1. Take pictures. The tour guide will lead the tour to view the cave. On the way, there will be two places where the tour guide will help tourists take pictures. The tour guide will say that it is free. The fact is that only 2 photos with the same size as the ID card are free of charge, the large photos are charged, and the total fee for 2 photos are 70 Yuan. The tour guide will say that the small photos are free to gift to you, and the big photos are free to choose whether to buy them or not, but the fact is that they will wash out the big photos, and finally you have to buy them! And the level of photography is very poor.
  2. The tour guide will guide you to see a so-called “Millennium Turtle”. A person charges 10 yuan. Is it really not a “millennium turtle” and it will sell various kinds of peace symbols, which also are charged at the fees ranging from tens of Yuan to several hundred Yuan. Regardless of whether the turtle is really a millennium turtle, it feels like being forced to exhibit every day. It is really pitiful and hopes to be saved.
  3. When you go out of the cave, it is necessary to go through a shopping area to reach the exit.

Reed Flute Cave is a representative Koster underground dark cave scenic spot in Guilin. The space inside the cave is very large, and it is very cool in summer. There are guides to explain, plus the lighting in the interior, it is really beautiful.