Longmen Grottoes

The Longmen Grottoes art is characterized by the integration of Indian culture and Chinese culture. It is the transformation of the Northern Wei Dynasty’s capital, Luoyang, and the integration of the advanced and profound Han culture of the Wei and Jin Dynasties and the Southern Dynasties.

It is rainy around the Ching Ming Festival, and the first day in Luoyang will be cloudy. When visiting the Longmen Grottoes, you don’t have to worry about the sun, but it has some influence on the light of the photo.

Self-service interpreter can be rented in the scenic area, which costs 30 yuan / person, with 100-yuan deposit. You can rent one. However, most of the explanations are not so meaningful, and there is no substantive content. It is recommended that you do not need a self-help interpreter. If you really want to listen to the explanation, you can find a free explanation on the WeChat public number of Longmen Grottoes.
Many small caves are empty, and there are many Buddha statues are incomplete, or are severely weathering. Some of the cave walls are black and have obvious signs of being burnt. The burnt grottoes may have been crushed and burned when the “Sanwu Yizong” was destroyed. The incompleteness may be the loss of cultural relics caused by the war in modern times.

On the way, you will find a very cute Buddha statue, which is built in the Northern Wei Dynasty, it was completed during the Tang Gaozong period.

There are also attractions such as Baiyuan in the Longmen Grottoes. You can choose whether to visit according to your physical strength.

The grottoes are on both sides of the Yihe River, and they are mainly based on the Xishan Grottoes in Hexi. No matter which entrance you enter, you will eventually enter from the Xishan Grottoes (others need to take a battery car to the entrance), then visit the Xishan Grottoes along the river bank, and then cross the bridge to continue to visit Dongshan Grottoes, Xiangshan Temple and other attractions. On the east side of the Yi River it is obviously the best angle to take the Xishan Grottoes.