Qinglong Cave

The Qinglong Cave ancient architectural complex is a combination of Buddhist temples, Taoist temples, and Confucian temples. It is known as the “Southwest Hanging Temple”. It is convenient to collect tickets, and there are concessions. Highly suggest that there will be more discounts on online purchases.

Qinglong Cave is an attraction in Zhenyuan Ancient Town that needs to buy ticket. The scenic area can be small, and you can play for an hour. In the scenic spot, there are mainly stepping roads for climbing, but the physical strength is not large. Going to the pavilions of the scenic spot to see the ancient town in the distance is very beautiful. In the highest point, you can see the panoramic view of the town which is surrounded by the Wuyang River.

Qinglong Cave, Zhusheng Bridge, Shiping Mountain and Wuyang River together form the most beautiful scenery of Zhenyuan. Suddenly there is Yandi Palace and the site of the Temple of Literature. Qinglong Cave is actually a group of buildings, caves, halls, and temple complexes, which are rare in the country. Among them, the archway of the Anhui Guild Hall is an architectural boutique with rich cultural connotations. You need to know in advance or listen to the tour guide.

Buddhism, Taoism, and Confucianism have gathered together in the Qinglong Cave. It is said that Zhang Sanfeng’s travels have stayed here for three years. The night lights are very beautiful there. Being one of the famous spots in the ancient town, it is worth seeing, and you will feel it more flavorful than Lijiang Ancient Town and Fenghuang Ancient Town, as it is less noisy and quieter, and the folk style is still simple there.

Qinglong Cave is the most historic building in Zhenyuan Ancient Town which is built on the cliff and has a rich understanding of Confucianism and Buddhism. From here, you can think of the prosperity of the town and the mottle of history. Standing in the pavilion of Qinglong Cave, overlooking the ancient town of Zhenyuan, you will enjoy the best experience of slow life.