Pongchuros: Bangkok’s Must-try Food Restaurant

Pongchuros Restaurant in Bangkok is a “delicious but never add MSG” restaurant. Due to allergies to MSG, the restaurant owner had a whimsy and opened this restaurant without adding MSG. Open the door of the restaurant, as if you are in a cafe, the simple and elegant white always runs through the restaurant. In the early morning, the warm sunlight is refracted through the transparent glass on the light-colored table, all the worries disappear, and you will want to relax and get a perfect dining experience in this cozy and comfortable restaurant.

Pongchuros restaurant specializes in Northeastern Thai cuisine. The signature dish in the restaurant is Thai seafood chowder soup of 355 baht. Fresh and high-quality fish, shrimp, and crab are specially cooked, and yellow jujube and ginkgo seed are added to enhance the taste. The meat is delicious and full-bodied. The rich Thai flavor makes people enjoyable. Beef stew at 295 baht is also a must-have item when you enter the restaurant. The carefully selected beef is slowly simmered with a variety of Thai spices. The tip of the nose is entwined with the rich flavor of the beef before it is cooked. It’s awesome, the beef is cut just right, and the fat and lean match is just right.

Another dish worth trying is the cold salted egg avocado of 225 baht. This dish is a creative dish in the restaurant. In addition to salted egg and avocado, peanuts, tomatoes, cowpea and Thai crispy noodles are added. The unique taste will make you feel amazing!

Regarding desserts and juices, avocado ice cream (THB 155) is worthy of your taste. The coconut milk ice cream with fresh avocado and konjac, is cool and very unique. The lemon sprite (THB 55) is sweet and sour, and it is the best choice for drinks after meals.