Peak Flown From Afar

Most of the visitors coming to Peak Flown From Afar are for visiting the Lingyin Temple. However, to enter Lingyin Temple, you must first purchase tickets for Peak Flown From Afar. The main highlights of Peak Flown From Afar are the stone Buddha statues on the cliffs on the left side of the entrance of the scenic spot. Peak Flown From Afar has a very low mountaintop. When climbing to the top of the mountain, you will see that there is only one stone tablet with the name of Peak Flown From Afar. Unfortunately, there is basically no sign on the process of climbing Peak Flown From Afar. It is easy to walk to a dead end. For those who have never been the Peak Flown From Afar scenic spot, it is worthwhile to have a visit. The scenic spot is actually very large. There is not only the Peak Flown From Afar, but also two temples. Yongfu Temple is closer to Lingyin Temple, and the Shuguang Temple is a little far away.

Tickets for Peak Flown From Afar are 45 yuan, excluding the fee for incense in the Lingyin Temple! Walking straight into the scenic spot, you can see a lot of stone carving Buddha statues on the mountain wall, which are lifelike! If you want to get to the top of the Peak Flown From Afar, you need to climb the mountain. There are several trails for you to climb to the top of the mountain. You can climb to the top of the mountain in about half an hour by following the steps. You can take a break the pavilion in the middle of the mountain.

Peak Flown From Afar has many beautiful Buddha statues which were created in the Song and Yuan dynasties and stone caves. The Buddha statues are also very dedicated. The entire scenic area offers the rental guide equipment, which costs 10 yuan, with 100 Yuan deposit that can be refunded.

Peak Flown From Afar is a famous tourist attraction in Hangzhou with the pleasant view and high cost performance. Buddha statues of various forms are integrated into the mountain. It is highly recommended to anyone who are to travel in Hangzhou.