Li River

The two banks of the Yangshuo section of the Li River are the most typical karst peak forests in the world and the most beautiful river section in Guangxi. Starting from the Qianjing Village in the vicinity of the county Yangshuo, the Li River enters the valley section and is buried in the mountains. The valley is 400 meters deep. The Li River is not only deep in the valley, but also has a larger riverbed, with an average of four thousandths, forming many beaches, continents, gorges and rocks. There are 38 beaches in Li River in the county. There are 29 flood plains and floodplains with different widths on the two banks. The area is 2,397 Mu. The soil layer is thick and soft, the organic matter is rich, the pH is moderate, and the natural fertility is very high.

How to go to the Li River? You can take the bus to Guilin South Bus Station, which costs 2 Yuan; then take Guilin to Yangshuo’s car (there is a direct bus to Yangdi Wharf, but it is not so many), then you can get off at the Yangdi intersection, and take the minibus on the other side of the road to the wharf. After arrive at the scenic spot, line up to buy ticket, one-way ticket for Yangdi Wharf to Jiu Ma Painting Mountain costs 95 RMB/person, with the ticket you can take the tour bus to Xingping Ancient Town. Xingping Bus Station has the car back to Yangshuo or Guilin. Guilin’s bus fare during National Day is going to raise, and it’s very messy. So just avoid having travel in Guilin in holidays if possible.

Almost every visitor will travel with a brand new RMB 20 and then take a photo of with it along the Li River scenery. There are many viewing platforms along the coast. Most of them are surrounded by private people. Taking photos are free. It should be noted that it takes only more than ten minutes to walk from the ancient town. If you take a battery car, it takes 10 yuan/person. It is recommended to walk.

As the essence of the Li River, how can you miss the boat trip? Generally, a bamboo raft can take 4 people, and the cost is about 150 Yuan. It goes back and forth between Xingping and Jiu Ma Painting Mountain.

The scenery on both sides of the Li River is really beautiful. The mountains are rolling and rolling, the waters of the Li River are rippling, and the mountains of Guilin are not very high, but it is endless.

Lingering Garden

For China’s four major gardens, of which Suzhou accounted for two: Lingering Garden and the Humble Administrator’s Garden. Relatively speaking, more people prefer the Lingering Garden.

First of all, in the Lingering Garden, you can take photos very well. If there are crowd, you can still shoot after waiting for a while, but in the Humble Administrator’s Garden, no matter how you wait, there are many people, this batch hasn’t finished visiting yet, and another batch has already arrived, and they are mostly based on tourist groups. There are so many people that you can’t breathe smoothly, and you don’t have a good mood to enjoy the scenery.

Secondly, as far as the bonsai gardens of the two gardens, also more people prefer the bonsai gardens of the Lingering Garden, which makes people feel brighter, and the bonsai gardens of the Humble Administrator’s Garden are relatively chaotic.

Then, when you walk through every doorway of the Lingering Garden, and the different styles of scenery are reflected. Some are more awkward, you can see its special style at a glance, and some need you to feel it quietly. There will be many places in the Lingering Garden that will allow you to stop and enjoy. In the Humble Administrator’s Garden, it was very open at first glance, but for some reason, you won’t stop to appreciate it.

In the beautiful afternoon of the Lingering Garden, the light and shadow are interlaced. The pavilion promenade, the ancient symmetry of beauty, the framework, and the sense of extension, all are looking really super nice when no one is there. A real frame composition is really beautiful. Anyway, this kind of wall is really super fantastic, although the walls of each place are not much different, but you still want to shoot every corner.

Most people like the bonsai garden in the Lingering Garden. After entering the bonsai garden, you have a wide view and see a variety of bonsai. Bamboo leaves and tiles complement each other to create an unusual view. Super beautiful gardens and quiet lotus flowers will make you fall in love it. The rockery of the Lingering Garden is really too eye-catching. It is really a wonderful place to take a visit and take photos.

West Lake

The beauty of the West Lake, whether it is sunny day or misty weather, is a remarkable thing, like a beautiful woman with a moon-closed mimosa.

If you make the trip to Hangzhou in the beginning of April, you may coincide with the rainy weather. In April, although the flowering period in Hangzhou has passed, you can also appreciate the charm of green willow and red flower, hear the singing of warbler, watching the fish jumping over the lake, Su Causeway is still full of spring charm. For visiting the West Lake, you are recommended to visit the East Bank and the South Bank as there are fewer people and the scenery is even better. The transit bus is very convenient, and if you are interested, you can take a visit to Leifeng Tower, but it all relys on personal strength, if you have no interest, you can go straight to Su Causeway, step on the Su Causeway and Yang Causeway, taste the taste of the West Lake, cross the flower harbor to view the fish, and take a boat trip to Three Pools Mirroring the Moon and go straight back to the White Causeway.

Visitors have the opportunity to see the latest West Lake impressions of large water, light, song, and dance performances on the north bank of the West Lake. If you are wandering on the embankment of the West Lake, you can watch the smiles of the tourists, listen to the appreciation of different dialects. The night of the West Lake is as beautiful as the daytime. You will like the West Lake, whether it is day or night, whether it is spring or autumn or winter and summer, her beauty is everywhere.

Although there are many people at West Lake, the charm really is awesome after all, and it is really very big, so you can avoid going to those crowed spots. For a 2-day trip to West Lake, on the first day of the tour, most people go to places with landscapes, watching fish, watching peacocks, taking a boat trip on the lake, and so on. On the second day, they rent a bicycle and ride around the lake, which is more convenient and less crowded. When feeling tired, just sit on the bank of the West Lake, you will hope the time keep stop. In short, West Lake is a fantastic place worthy your visit.

Badaling Great Wall

Beijing is a fascinating city with both classic and modern flair. Small alleys, old teahouses, trendy bar streets, bustling commercial districts, infinite modern elements and old Beijing authentic Beijing flavors blend together to build a profound cultural heritage and orthodoxy of Beijing City without losing its elegant lifestyle. For people all over the world who have a travel in Beijing, the places that must take a visit in Beijing include Tiananmen, the Forbidden City, and the Great Wall. In addition, you can make a variety of choices based on your interests. Whether it is a couple traveling or a parent-child tour, looking for a royal monument or a fashion district, you can find the best place to go in Beijing. And if you are energetic and like climbing, the Badaling Great Wall is your top choice too.

The Badaling Great Wall is known as one of the “nine frontier fortresses” in the world and is the essence of the Ming Great Wall scenery. It is 1015 meters above sea level and is also the outpost of Juyongguan. It is divided into two parts: The South Great Wall and the North Great Wall. There are 7 enemy buildings in the South Great Wall. There are relatively few tourists. There are 12 enemy buildings in the North Great Wall, which is difficult to climb. The 8th Building of the North is the highest enemy building in the Badaling Great Wall. It is also known as the “Sunrise Viewing Stand” and is the best place to overlook the Great Wall. This is a must-see for visiting Beijing. More than 300 world-renowned people such as Nixon and Mrs Thatcher have climbed the Great Wall.

Official telephone number of The Badaling Great Wall: 010-69121383;010-69121226.

Reference for time needed: more than 3 hours.

How to go to The Badaling Great Wall:

Take the No.877 bus or the S2 line EMU to Badaling.


Tickets from April 1st to October 31st: 40 RMB for adult tickets.

Tickets from November 1st to October 31st: 35 RMB for adult tickets.

Opening hours:

From April 1st to June 30th and from September 1st to October 31st during Monday to Sunday: 06:30 a.m.-19:00 p.m.

From November 1st to March 31st during Monday to Sunday: 07:00 a.m.-18:00 p.m.

From July 1st to August 31st during Monday to Sunday: 06:00 a.m.-19:30 p.m.

Shanghai Disneyland

The Shanghai Disneyland in summer starts checking security at 6:50 a.m. and you can bring a bottle of water and a small snack. After the security check, wait for the ID card to be issued. At 7:00 a.m., you can get the ticket. After that, enter the Shanghai Disneyland at 7:30, and the first thing to do after getting the ticket is to grab the FP and grab it on the Disney app. First scan the QR code on the ticket, and associate the tickets with your APP and your ID. After the association, start to grab the FP. What most of the people grabbed is the leaping horizon, if your speed is not so quick enough, even though you start to grab at 7:20 a.m., you may grasp the one at 15:55 pm, so you must grab it quickly with fast speed. The second time you can grab is 2 hours later. And for the Buzz Lightyear, there are also many people grasp it. It should be better to grab Peter Pan or Pooh, and Buzz Lightyear has a short queue time.

You will feel unperturbed after you have grabbed the FP of the leaping horizon, as it is one of the must-play projects in Shanghai Disneyland. Then you can rush to the queue for drifting, which takes around ten minutes. Later you will see that a lot of people come in, and you may need to wait for an hour to queue the Pirates of the Caribbean. Some people think playing drifting is not so funny as playing Pirates of the Caribbean. But some other people feel it fantastic when playing it during the summer time as the water is cool.

If you spend two days playing in Shanghai Disneyland, the projects you can consider including Drifting, flying to the horizon, Pirates of the Caribbean, Peter Pan, Pooh, Buzz Lightyear, Stitch. For the second day, you can play the dwarf, Peter Pan, Buzz Lightyear, Woody, Spring Dog, the ice romance performance.

Tip: If you rent a stroller, it will cost 90RMB/day. Just make the itinerary according to your time and your requirement, Shanghai Disneyland worthy your visit with your family.

The Summer Palace

The Summer Palace is the royal garden of the Qing Dynasty in China. It was formerly known as the Qingyi Garden. It is located in the western suburbs of Beijing, 15 kilometers from the urban area, covering an area of about 290 hectares, adjacent to Yuanmingyuan. It is based on Kunming Lake and Wanshou Mountain, and is based on Hangzhou West Lake as its blueprint. It is a large-scale landscape garden built by the design method of Jiangnan Garden. It is also the most preserved royal palace, known as the “Royal Garden Museum”. It is also a national key tourist attraction. The main components of the Summer Palace are Wanshou Mountain and Kunming Lake. Around this mountain and lake, there are more than 3,000 palace garden buildings of various forms. Autumn scenery of the Summer Palace is beautiful.

Entering from the North Palace Gate, and directly climbing on Wanshou Mountain, you need to buy a small ticket to enter the Pavilion of the Fragrance of Buddha, then after going down the mountain there is the east side corridor, where you can see the residence of Lafayette. During the Qing Dynasty, there was a light lamp, which was really unbelievable! Then take a boat on the island to the opposite west bank. It is no wonder that Cixi stayed here, as the Kunming Lake feels so comfortable, so many tourists really like the Summer Palace.


In Spring time, the peach blossoms on the west bank are booming, reflecting the lake and the bridge behind, which is fantastic!


When you have a travel in China, you must go a visit to the Summer Palace. It is a very nice and very beautiful place. Beijing‘s tickets should be the cheapest in the country. The tickets in the low season and peak season also are different, and you can also use Beijing Park’s annual ticket, which is very cost-effective. The promenade of the Summer Palace, the sunset of Kunming Lake, the 100-year-old Magnolia and the 17-hole Bridge in spring are all very famous sights. They are also very beautiful. It is a place where you must to travel to Beijing. It is highly recommended!

The Bund

If you come to Shanghai, without visiting the Bund, it is a pity. Although it is said that tourists are intensive here, it is uncomfortable to push the people crowd during the day, the Bund witnessed the change of Shanghai, from a small fishing village to a complex architecture of different styles, which is opposite the Oriental Pearl, Financial Center, Jinmao Tower, and Shanghai Tower, to be higher and higher. It is also worth our pride. As a person living in Shanghai, it is certainly not going to be the Bund during the day, but there is flavor in the Bund at night. The skyscrapers are shining with lights, and the crowds have faded. It is the moment to appreciate the beauty of the Bund!

There are skyscrapers standing on the banks of the Huangpu River. You can clearly see their colors and their location during the day. At night, the lights are on, and you can watch the neon flashing, and another scene. Take a walk around the Bund and take a photo before you leave Shanghai.

Here in the Bund, there are 52 classical revival buildings of different styles The Universal Expo of architectures; here is the true portrayal of the Shanghai Miles Ocean Field; here, the opposite side of the Huangpu River is the Lujiazui with high-rise buildings; here, it is undoubtedly the most representative landmark of Shanghai, also a classic miniature of Shanghai. The perfect combination of modern and classical, has no abruptness but a variety of styles. It’s really the place worthy your visit, to blow the air and look at the high-rise buildings opposite the Bund.

However, it is not recommended to go to the Bund on various holidays. It is best if you can avoid the peak season. People there are really so many in holidays like the National Day holiday. On the first day, everyone huddled up in the queue and it was impossible to stop and take pictures. The next day you can go to the Bund at ten o’clock. There are not many people, and no one squeezed, so you can take any pictures you like. It is strongly recommended to stroll after ten o’clock, but by eleven o’clock, the lights of the opposite building began to disappear, including the Oriental Pearl, so just take a right time to visit The Bund.

The Palace Museum

If you like ancient culture, if you like historical architecture, and if you are interested in exploring the unique charm of Beijing, China, The Palace Museum is a great choice for you, which is a famous attraction all over the world.

It is known to all that there are so many people having travel to Beijing every day, and taking a visit to The Palace Museum. Now let’s check the The Palace Museum Review to know about how the visitor feel after visiting the Beijing Forbidden City.

For this time visiting Beijing, what I expect the most, except Xiangshan, it is the Forbidden City. The reason why we made the travel there on November is because the beginning of November is a low season, and the tickets are 20RMB cheaper. Because there are so many people going to the Forbidden City, and the volume is limited. We are also set in advance. You can directly enter into the Forbidden City by showing your ID card. It is estimated that there are hundreds of tourist groups in the doorway, which is terrible.

The tourist group and most of the individual passengers left after visiting those palaces on the central axis for about two hours. But since we have come, we must have passed every corner of The Palace Museum. Many of the courtyards of the Forbidden City are organizing exhibitions, cultural relics exhibitions, various utensils, art, etc., and you and your family can visit it separately, because the buildings are symmetrical and you will not get lost. When I transfer to many places, there are not so many people, because there are many steps up and down.

Some of the temples and halls of the Forbidden City have been renovated, such as the Cining Palace, which will be more glamorous. We appreciate the quaint ones as they are more realistic. However, the palaces of the Forbidden City are not all open, and there are two corners that are still closed. The Forbidden City is really big. Of course, the Imperial Garden and Prince Gong Mansion are still incomparable with it. I don’t know if the Imperial Garden has been damaged as it’s really small, just like the green belt under my family’s community. Other palaces, especially the Qianqing Palace and Taihe Palace on the central axis are still very atmospheric and majestic.

The Palace Museum is really a fantastic attraction that should have a visit during your travel in China.