The beauty of the West Lake, whether it is sunny day or misty weather, is a remarkable thing, like a beautiful woman with a moon-closed mimosa.

If you make the trip to Hangzhou in the beginning of April, you may coincide with the rainy weather. In April, although the flowering period in Hangzhou has passed, you can also appreciate the charm of green willow and red flower, hear the singing of warbler, watching the fish jumping over the lake, Su Causeway is still full of spring charm. For visiting the West Lake, you are recommended to visit the East Bank and the South Bank as there are fewer people and the scenery is even better. The transit bus is very convenient, and if you are interested, you can take a visit to Leifeng Tower, but it all relys on personal strength, if you have no interest, you can go straight to Su Causeway, step on the Su Causeway and Yang Causeway, taste the taste of the West Lake, cross the flower harbor to view the fish, and take a boat trip to Three Pools Mirroring the Moon and go straight back to the White Causeway.

Visitors have the opportunity to see the latest West Lake impressions of large water, light, song, and dance performances on the north bank of the West Lake. If you are wandering on the embankment of the West Lake, you can watch the smiles of the tourists, listen to the appreciation of different dialects. The night of the West Lake is as beautiful as the daytime. You will like the West Lake, whether it is day or night, whether it is spring or autumn or winter and summer, her beauty is everywhere.

Although there are many people at West Lake, the charm really is awesome after all, and it is really very big, so you can avoid going to those crowed spots. For a 2-day trip to West Lake, on the first day of the tour, most people go to places with landscapes, watching fish, watching peacocks, taking a boat trip on the lake, and so on. On the second day, they rent a bicycle and ride around the lake, which is more convenient and less crowded. When feeling tired, just sit on the bank of the West Lake, you will hope the time keep stop. In short, West Lake is a fantastic place worthy your visit.