Lingering Garden

For China’s four major gardens, of which Suzhou accounted for two: Lingering Garden and the Humble Administrator’s Garden. Relatively speaking, more people prefer the Lingering Garden.

First of all, in the Lingering Garden, you can take photos very well. If there are crowd, you can still shoot after waiting for a while, but in the Humble Administrator’s Garden, no matter how you wait, there are many people, this batch hasn’t finished visiting yet, and another batch has already arrived, and they are mostly based on tourist groups. There are so many people that you can’t breathe smoothly, and you don’t have a good mood to enjoy the scenery.

Secondly, as far as the bonsai gardens of the two gardens, also more people prefer the bonsai gardens of the Lingering Garden, which makes people feel brighter, and the bonsai gardens of the Humble Administrator’s Garden are relatively chaotic.

Then, when you walk through every doorway of the Lingering Garden, and the different styles of scenery are reflected. Some are more awkward, you can see its special style at a glance, and some need you to feel it quietly. There will be many places in the Lingering Garden that will allow you to stop and enjoy. In the Humble Administrator’s Garden, it was very open at first glance, but for some reason, you won’t stop to appreciate it.

In the beautiful afternoon of the Lingering Garden, the light and shadow are interlaced. The pavilion promenade, the ancient symmetry of beauty, the framework, and the sense of extension, all are looking really super nice when no one is there. A real frame composition is really beautiful. Anyway, this kind of wall is really super fantastic, although the walls of each place are not much different, but you still want to shoot every corner.

Most people like the bonsai garden in the Lingering Garden. After entering the bonsai garden, you have a wide view and see a variety of bonsai. Bamboo leaves and tiles complement each other to create an unusual view. Super beautiful gardens and quiet lotus flowers will make you fall in love it. The rockery of the Lingering Garden is really too eye-catching. It is really a wonderful place to take a visit and take photos.