The two banks of the Yangshuo section of the Li River are the most typical karst peak forests in the world and the most beautiful river section in Guangxi. Starting from the Qianjing Village in the vicinity of the county Yangshuo, the Li River enters the valley section and is buried in the mountains. The valley is 400 meters deep. The Li River is not only deep in the valley, but also has a larger riverbed, with an average of four thousandths, forming many beaches, continents, gorges and rocks. There are 38 beaches in Li River in the county. There are 29 flood plains and floodplains with different widths on the two banks. The area is 2,397 Mu. The soil layer is thick and soft, the organic matter is rich, the pH is moderate, and the natural fertility is very high.

How to go to the Li River? You can take the bus to Guilin South Bus Station, which costs 2 Yuan; then take Guilin to Yangshuo’s car (there is a direct bus to Yangdi Wharf, but it is not so many), then you can get off at the Yangdi intersection, and take the minibus on the other side of the road to the wharf. After arrive at the scenic spot, line up to buy ticket, one-way ticket for Yangdi Wharf to Jiu Ma Painting Mountain costs 95 RMB/person, with the ticket you can take the tour bus to Xingping Ancient Town. Xingping Bus Station has the car back to Yangshuo or Guilin. Guilin’s bus fare during National Day is going to raise, and it’s very messy. So just avoid having travel in Guilin in holidays if possible.

Almost every visitor will travel with a brand new RMB 20 and then take a photo of with it along the Li River scenery. There are many viewing platforms along the coast. Most of them are surrounded by private people. Taking photos are free. It should be noted that it takes only more than ten minutes to walk from the ancient town. If you take a battery car, it takes 10 yuan/person. It is recommended to walk.

As the essence of the Li River, how can you miss the boat trip? Generally, a bamboo raft can take 4 people, and the cost is about 150 Yuan. It goes back and forth between Xingping and Jiu Ma Painting Mountain.

The scenery on both sides of the Li River is really beautiful. The mountains are rolling and rolling, the waters of the Li River are rippling, and the mountains of Guilin are not very high, but it is endless.