The Potala Palace

The 1300-year-old Potala Palace with the highest altitude is the most majestic palace in the world, and it is also infinitely rich in Tibetan culture. It is truly a heritage of the world. It can be touched, deeply explored, and it is unpainted, but it is the palace complex truly has the outstanding representative of Tibetan architectural art. Tibetans who have the privilege of entering the interior of the Potala Palace regard this as a reward and a gift of life. Many tourists are no exception.

Before entering the Potala Palace, the tour guide will give you a reservation ticket for each person’s name. The ticket can be used for two security checks. Before the third security check, the ticket is exchanged for the official ticket and then you can enter the White Palace and the Red Palace. For the first security check after entering, you need to take off all the jackets, which is stricter than the security check at the airport.

Tips for travelers of the independent travel: buy tickets about 3 days in advance, after you get the appointment ticket, you must read the following instructions, there are strict entry time instructions, and if you miss the time, it is absolutely inaccessible. The Potala Palace has three ticket-checking gates, which are divided into three different areas. All ticket gates are one-way aisle. You need to enter via the front door and go out via the back door, so you can’t go back when you pass a ticket-checking gate.

The Potala Palace is also the place where the former Tibetan Dalai Lama once lived and worked. Tibetan areas belong to areas with their own unique cultural traditions, and the area is vast. The customs of different places are different. Please respect local folk customs and traditional habits, especially when you are in the temple. Generally speaking, it is strictly forbidden to take photographs in all temples, palaces and Buddhist temples in Tibetan areas, so be sure to know if you can take pictures or not before shooting.

At the Potala Palace, you can overlook the entire city of Lhasa. There are the devout worshippers, and prayer wheel is engraved with the scriptures, the Potala Palace is magnificent, the Tanggula Mountains is misty, the religious culture is mysterious and profound, and the city power that many backpackers praised as “purifying the soul” has attracted more and more tourists going to this wonderful place.