Ocean Park Hong Kong

Ocean Park Hong Kong hosts 5 major events each year, including the New Year-themed Good luck and great reunion event, the HD Zoo with precious animal themes, the summer ceremony with the theme of the cool summer, the Halloween-themed October event, and the Christmas-themed Christmas HOHOHO event. There will be many special projects to experience.

Park traffic

Connected to the mountains and downhill, there are three kinds of transportation facilities, mountain cable cars, ocean trains and mountain lifts. The mountain cable car is a popular means of transportation, as you can enjoy the beautiful views of the southern part of Hong Kong Island and the South China Sea, but there are many people waiting in line. The ocean train is a two-way cable train that is very fast and takes only three minutes to get from the seaside paradise to the peak paradise. The mountaineering elevator is Hong Kong’s second longest open-air escalator, linking the ocean world and the Adventure Land, with a total length of 225 meters. It is recommended to take the ocean train up the mountain. When you go down the mountain, take the mountain lift and then take the mountain cable car. Because in general, there are so many people queueing up for taking the cable car, which waste you a lot of time. So just consider experiencing three modes of transportation as mentioned above.

Special Notes

  1. Before leaving the Ocean Park Hong Kong, you can stamp on the exit to check in when you re-enter the Ocean Park at the same day.
  2. No food or drink can be brought into Ocean Park (except baby food), but there are many restaurants to choose from inside the park.
  3. There is the currency exchange service in the Ocean Park.
  4. Lockers can use in the Dream Waters, as well as strollers and wheelchairs can be rented.
  5. Due to the large number of outdoor projects, it is recommended to do sun protection work to avoid sunburn.
  6. There are visitor centers at the entrance to the park, the World of Motion and the Ocean World, where you can get the park guide and performance time.