Norbulingka is the summer palace of the Dalai Lama. Compared to the Potala Palace as the Winter Palace, Norbulingka feels more natural and leisurely. The large and small palaces and roads inside Norbulingka are full of flowers, giving people a feeling of walking in the garden.

The ticket price of Norbulingka is 60 yuan/person. There are two doors to enter Norbulingka. The first door is the main entrance. The second door is the door to enter the Dadan Mingjiuzhang and the Zhunzeng Pozhang. Therefore, the tickets must be preserved after you enter into Norbulingka. Because when you enter the second door, you need check the ticket again.

Visitors entering the Norbulingka can ask for a manual tour guide, or they can rent an automatic guide. The manual tour guide costs 150 yuan, and the automatic guide costs 20 yuan for the renting fee and 100 yuan for the cash pledge.

Compared with the passage of the Potala Palace, the official visit of Norbulingka is abrupt and unpopular, and the popularity is not so strong. It’s probably because it is not the peak season. In the entire summer palace, basically you can’t see too many people during the off season. There are some surprises when you meet such a bunch of people in the main hall, but you are not allowed to take pictures. Norbulingka is really good. It is a garden-style palace. It is quiet and the small and delicate palaces are hidden in the towering ancient wood.

As the summer palace of the Tibetan king, Norbulingka is full of flowers, trees, and pavilions are surrounded by water bridges, making the palace is gorgeous and beautiful. A fountain in front of the door attracts almost all visitors to take pictures there. The garden is very large, you can walk around and see the traditional Tibetan garden architecture. As the weather in summer is near the same as in Spring, the flowers bloom everywhere, so you can go to the building to visit the place where the office life of Dalai is.