Mistine Products Recommendations for You Shopping List in Thailand

Thai Mistine Coconut Cleansing Oil

Mistine’s cleansing oil has a simple formula, which contains coconut oil essence, and has a moisturizing effect. It is a vegetable oil-based formula that is mild and non-irritating. It is specially designed for Mistine make-up, and the makeup cleansing effect is great, even Mistine’s lip dye can be removed very cleanly. And the emulsification speed is particularly fast, which is similar to Fancl, but it’s a little bit oilier than Fancl. After washing with facial cleanser, there is no oily feeling.

Thailand Mistine Natural Organic Lip Balm

The moisture of Mistine Lip Balm is super good, it is the kind that is not oily, it is lighter and moisturizing than the lipstick of Uriage. The taste is a touch of coconut, not a flavor. The paste is light beige and very soft. But some are only five centimeters tall and one centimeter in diameter. It is a full circle smaller than ordinary lipstick. It is made of 100% pure plants, which is safe and secure.

Thai Mistine Coconut Hair Essential Oil

Compared with other fragrant and oily hair oils, Mistine’s coconut skin care oil is very clear and non-greasy. The flow is good and the hair absorbs quickly. The coconut and nut essence oil make the hair become softer and smoother. There will be a touch of coconut flavor, which is fresh and natural, and the taste can be maintained for a day. After using this essential oil, the hair becomes light and supple, and it is the savior of dry and soft hair. This essential oil for hair care is also very small and can be put in a bag without taking up space, so it is very convenient to carry when traveling.

Thai Mistine White Spa Hand Cream

Mistine’s hand cream also has a lot of fragrances like Insfree. The most popular and best-smell one is this purple white musk hand cream. In fact, the taste is more like the neutralization of violet and lavender. It is super smelly and will leave a slight scent after washing your hands. Moisture is good, and the hands are very refreshing and hydrated after absorption, making it more suitable for spring and autumn use.