LingYin Temple

Lingyin Temple is just an attraction in the scenic spot. To go to the temple, you must first buy a ticket for Feilai Peak. After you go in, you can buy a ticket for Lingyin Temple. You can choose the road that goes up the mountain in the opposite direction. The sound of the stream is getting louder and louder like the thunder and the scenery is getting deeper and deeper.

Lingyin Temple is very impressive among so many temples that you have visited. The design of the central axis is retro-certified, and several halls are solemn. This is also one of the must-see attractions in Hangzhou. What impressed the visitors the most is the frontal sculpture behind the statue of Goddess Guanyin, which formed a tilt angle slightly downward, forming a sense of oppression, and it is especially shocking.

For Lingyin Temple, the summer shade, the osmanthus in the fall, the koi that jumps out of the water in the spring, and the snow on the winter cornice, give the visitor a first impression of Lingyin Temple. From Lingyin Road to climb the Lingyin Temple, it is a long gentle slope. The cloudy sun reflects, making the trees and vines on the whole road green. The entrance to Lingyin Temple requires two tickets. The first time is to enter Feilai Peak, whose tickets is 45 yuan / person, and the Lingyin Temple fragrant flower coupon costs 30 yuan / person, there will be a scent offered by the staff of the temple at the entrance of Lingyin Temple, so that you don’t need bring the scent. At first, you may think that the golden osmanthus in September is very imposing. Later you will find out that it is not, but it has filled the stairs and stone with the yellow leaf, and fall on your shoulders and hair.

In addition to being the Buddhist holy land, the Linyin Temple also is the birthplace of Longjing Tea. This is the original tea field of longjing tea. It has been protected and turned into a Longjing tea research base. From Lingyin Temple, go to the right, you will find that there are tea gardens on both sides, and the local residents of the fried tea are seen nearby.