Lijiang Ancient Town

If you choose to take a visit to Lijiang Ancient Town in the off-season. There are fewer people and it is very comfortable to walk around.

Most of the time in the Lijiang Ancient Town is to walk around the street, or simply drink in a small shop, and daze. Lijiang Ancient Town is one of the most literary places in the places of most visitors who have traveled around the world. It is estimated to be ranked in the top three, even if it is too deliberate, it is still very comfortable and pleasing to the people who are walking in it. The literary cells make the pore o the whole body seem to be open.

The Lijiang Ancient Town is facing east, so it is impossible to shoot the sunset, but if the weather is good, which features some clouds with good looks, maybe you can take a panoramic view of the Lijiang Ancient Town with beautiful sunset. To capture the panoramic view of the ancient city, there must be a relatively high position to shoot. Lion Rock is a good place for you to take the photo. If you want to be comfortable, you can choose to go up the mountain in the direction of Wan Gu Tower. There are many cafes or bars along the road, because they are all built on the hills, most of them have observation decks. Choose a small shop that you think is nice, sit down and look at the twilight, and overlook the Lijiang Ancient Town lights, drink, and listen to the music of the singer, which makes it quite enjoyable to relax.

The overall feeling is that the Lijiang Ancient Town has more emotional appeal than the Dali ancient town, the building is more antique, the management is more perfect, the traffic is clearer, the commercial atmosphere is stronger. Overall, you will like it. It is not the scenery of this ancient town, but the freedom of the street. You can be unique, you can be freak, you can be very marginal too, and here you will become an ordinary person, and you will be accepted here. Here you are free.

Lijiang Ancient Town is a place that people are very yearning for, it is super beautiful. The ancient town here, the snow-capped mountains here, the Lashi Lake here is super beautiful. There is also a show of love from time immemorial, which is very shocking. The environment here is really good, the sky is beautiful, and you will like it very much.