Koh Kood

Koh Kood is in the easternmost part of Thailand, which is close to Cambodia, and belongs to the same sea area as Koh Chang. Koh Kood is the fourth largest island in Thailand and the second largest island in the Gulf of Thailand. It is also the island with the furthest distance from the Thai land. It is also a 4-star beach that is issued by the Thai government. The people on the island are kind and simple. Unlike the bustle of Bangkok, the Koh Kood is quiet. Here, time seems to be stretched indefinitely.

Koh Kood’s beach is more suitable for playing water, because its beaches are very shallow, the water is very clear, and you can basically see the sand clearly when you lower your head. The seawater is similar to the blue-green of tiffany, and the sand is very thin, and there are not many shells. Step on it, you will feel it delicate and comfortable. But its biggest advantage is that there are few people! Except for hotel employees, there are few tourists! On the beach, you have the feeling that you are the owner of the island, which is so amazing. At Koh Kood, you can enjoy the freshest seafood and tropical fruits.

Koh Kood’s seawater is not the most beautiful, and the fish on the beach are not so many and beautiful, but it is the most comfortable. After eating every day, you can take a quiet nap on the beach chair, or walk down the beach to enjoy the cozy and quiet beach. This feeling of tranquility is excellent. Koh Kood is a place where it is suitable to stay on the island for several days in a daze, and it is suitable for families with young children to travel there.

The United States “Huffington Post” has listed the 10 most romantic places in the world, Thailand’s KOH KOOD is one of them, and it is the only island in Thailand to be selected that year. The beach and the hills rise and fall, white private villas set among them. Listening to the sound of the wind and waves, you will feel that modern civilization and hustle and bustle seem to disappear in an instant.