Hutong Alleyways

In Beijing, there are thousands of hutongs. They are surrounded by the Forbidden City. Most of them are formed in the three dynasties of the Yuan, Ming and Qing dynasties in Chinese history. Going to Beijing without visiting the old alley can be considered a loss. The customs of the old alleys and the “aged” courtyards can highlight the city. When you visit the old Beijing Hutong, you can choose an early morning, leisurely and casually eat an early breakfast with the old Beijingers, then drill into an alley and stroll slowly. There are so many small alleys in Beijing, some of which are full of shops, and you need to go deeper to quietly appreciate the beauty of the hutong. Hutong represents the history and characteristics of a city, hoping to maintain their original appearance and leave a heavy memory for the ancient millennium.

If you want to savor Beijing Hutong and don’t want too many people to be too busy, you can take the subway from Ping’anli Station to the east, walk along Huguosi Street and Dingfu Street, and taste the Huguosi snacks and see the green bricks of the courtyard wall, the red door copper ring, the various carved door-shaped piers etc. you can also take the rickshaw alley if you don’t want to walk. Sitting on the rickshaw to see the scenery, you can also hear the old Beijing people introduce the interesting things of each hutong. You can also walk in the old alley in Beijing by yourself, then you will find that the old house seems to tell the story.

The old alleys in Beijing have the oldest Beijing characteristics. Of course, you have to experience the Hutong tour in Beijing. There are many celebrity residences in the Second Ring Road near Nanluoguxiang, which are very distinctive. You don’t need to take a rickshaw. You can walk to the hutong from the fork of Nanluoguxiang. There are a lot of fun things in the hutong. You will see there is a hand-made jewelry store, whose style is very chic.

In short, the Beijing Hutong is the best place for you to experience the local people’s life there, and it is worthy your visit.