Humble Administrator Garden

Humble Administrator Garden is one of the four ancient famous gardens and the largest and most famous one among of them. It is the representative of Jiangnan gardens, and there are mountains and waters. There is a pavilion attic, full of poetic paintings like the scenery in the painting. You can walk around and experience the luxury life of ancient writers. It is really very beautiful, and it is worth everyone to take a look.

There are many tour guides at the entrance of Humble Administrator’s Garden. They sell half-price tickets, but they are not reliable. You can buy tickets online on the previous day. You don’t need to change tickets. It is convenient to show your ID card directly at the gate of the garden.

Compared to Zhanyuan, the Humble Administrator’s Garden is not so cramped, giving people a sense of leisure and comfort. It is recommended to hire a tour guide to explain more about the garden, which costs 30 yuan a person. There are two reasons: 1. The garden is too winding. If you have no direction sense, you will go to the original place when you enter into the garden. 2, there are many interesting stories, which is something you won’t know if you visit by yourself. While you are visiting the garden, you can also take pictures of you while listening to the story. You can also ask what other attractions are routed, it is more helpful to have an enjoyable trip in the Humble Administrator’s Garden.

A lot of visitors especially like the window of the Humble Administrator’s Garden, as the symmetrical beauty has reached its limit. Before coming to Suzhou, it is heard that Humble Administrator’s Garden is a step-by-step view. After you take a visit there, you will find that the Humble Administrator’s Garden features all kinds of fantastic scenery here and there. There is a 6D VR experience hall in the Humble Administrator’s Garden, which takes 50 yuan a person, you can experience it if you are interested. Sitting in a high-tech sedan chair, with high-tech glasses, coming through to the Humble Administrator’s Garden five hundred years ago, interacting with the ancients, is still a very good experience.