Huangguoshu Waterfall

The ticket for the Huangguoshu Waterfall is 180 RMB, and the sightseeing bus ticket is 50 Yuan. Normally the order of the sightseeing bus route is from Steep slope pond to Tianxing bridge to huangguoshu waterfall, which is also the regular route of the travel tour team. Among them, the Water Curtain Cave of Huangguoshu and some scenic spots of Tianxing Bridge can only pass one person, which is easy to cause people to be crowded and blocked. Therefore, the best order of personal recommendation is Tianxingqiao-Huangguoshu- Steep slope pond, and it is best to be the first batch of tourists.

Do remember that it is best for you to buy the sightseeing bus, as for all the journey there, you cannot walk all the way, in particular, there is no connection between the Star Bridge and the Great Falls. In addition, there is a sightseeing elevator in the Great Falls Scenic Area, which saves visitors the physical strength and it costs 50 yuan/person.

Among the three attractions, in addition to the steep slope pond, after going out of the exit of the other two attractions, it is necessary to take a long “shopping pedestrian street”, before you can reach the place where the sightseeing car is located.

In addition, the pedestrian street outside the Great Falls area is also very long, but you can go back from the Great Falls scenic spot, so if you pay more attention, before you enter the entrance, observe where the departing sightseeing car is parked, if you are near the entrance, then after you have finish you visiting inside, go back and go out from the entrance, so as to avoid that long pedestrian street.

In the middle of the entire scenic spot, it is recommended to spend 2-3 hours. Please prepare raincoats, rain boots, which are necessary. There is a water curtain cave in the big waterfall, that is, going from the waterfall to the other side, the water mist is very big and you will be wet. Of course, there are many local people selling the raincoats at the scene. The general tour route is from the side of the waterfall to go back from the other side, but the last section of the mountain climbing is the same paragraph, unless you take the elevator. If you really don’t know which side to go, you can ask someone nearby.