Fenghuang Ancient Town

The Fenghuang Ancient Town is the town that we usually see on the Internet. There is a river in the middle. The two banks are local specialties. Visitors usually come here to live here. There are many houses for tourists to live in. But don’t make your trip there during the peak season. It is said that if you come there during tourist season, the price for living there will be much more expensive.

There are several bridges on the river. From the downstream to the upstream, the wind bridge, the Hongqiao, the bridge and the water surface, together with the houses on both sides of the river, has formed the most classic scenery of the ancient town. The entire ancient town is centered on Hongqiao. There are many snack bars, cotton and linen clothing stores, specialty shops and bars on both sides.

There are many snack bars on the roadside, small shops selling shrimp cakes, barbecue stalls, and most of them are noodle noodles, which are worthy tasting during the day and night. In the area of Hongqiao, there are many noodle restaurants. Several of them are interviewed by CCTV, but they are really delicious. It is recommended to taste the beef noodles with red pepper. It is very delicious.

There are a lot of shops selling clothes, but the clothes for sale are all cotton and linen long skirts. It would be nice to buy a beautiful one with a bargain. This kind of clothes is quite good with the temperament of the ancient town.

The specialty of Fenghuang Ancient Town is ginger sugar. There are many shops selling the ginger sugar in the ancient city. If you are afraid of buying fake ones, you can go to the store where there is a hand-made shop.

There are a lot of bars in the ancient town. It is very lively at night. Every bar has people singing there. There are clerks outside the bar, and there are singers on the bridge. They are holding the guitar to sing songs, and with the breeze on the water at night, the air becomes gentle.