Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon

Before you make your trip to Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon, here are some tips for you to have better experience:

Tickets for the Grand Canyon Scenic Spot are divided into three tour routes, A, B and C, which mainly sell B-tour tickets and C-tour tickets.

B-tour ticket: the package includes the Grand Canyon scenic spot, cruise ship, glass bridge, scenic spot accident insurance, and the play time is about 3-5 hours;

C-tour ticket: Single glass bridge ticket, only including glass bridge tickets and insurance, excluding the Grand Canyon scenic spot tickets, the play time is about 30 minutes; Admission time: 15:40 to 18:00. Opening hours of the scenic area: 07:30-18:00.

The Grand Canyon on-site ticket sales window does not sell adult tickets. All visitors to the scenic area must make an online reservation. The glass bridge and the Grand Canyon package can be purchased online one day in advance.

Tickets for glass bridges should be purchased 3 to 4 days in advance, otherwise you will not be able to buy them. Tickets for the glass bridge alone can only be admitted at 15:00 p.m., and pay attention to the following tips:

1) The glass bridge is forbidden to enter with a camera. It is forbidden to bring snacks into it, but you can take the water.

2) The scenic parking lot is 6.5 kilometers away from the entrance of the scenic spot. Private cars cannot enter. You must take a scenic bus or a local private car.

3) After going down the glass bridge, there are nearly 2 hours of boardwalk to get to the place where you can go to the scenic spot entrance by boat.

4) Don’t go in the scenic spot in afternoon, as after you queueing up, it will be 17:00 o’clock when you enter into the scenic spot, the sun sets, the light is dim, the glass is reflective, all are shadows, and the photo effect is poor.

5) After walking through the glass bridge, you must remember to take the storage bag and go to the Grand Canyon. Otherwise, you have to take a free bus to take the backpack up the mountain, which is very time consuming!