Shennong Stream

The weather in Shennong Stream is inexpressible: 30 degrees below the mountain, 10 degrees on the top of the mountain, and you will experience four seasons at a time. The mountains are high, the vegetation is rich, the mountains stream is flowing, the air is fresh. It is really a resort suitable to keep healthy. Muyu Town is a tourist reception center in the forest area. The whole Shennong Stream forest area has better accommodation and diet conditions. In addition, Songbai Town in the north of the forest area is the seat of the government, and the accommodation conditions are also good; if you are going to visit Shennong Dajiuhu National Wetland Park at the eastern end of the top tourist area, then staying in Dajiuhu Town is also a good choice.

In many scenic spots in the Shennong Stream forest area, there is no catering service, and the entire forest area is sparsely populated, so it is necessary for visitors to bring some dry food and drinking water.

Some areas of the Shennong Stream forest area are at a high altitude, between 2000 and 3000 meters, so some tourists will have altitude sickness.

There are large virgin forests in the forest area. For the sake of safety, visitors should abide by the regulations of each scenic spot when they are visiting the scenic spots.

There are various terrains and abundant temperature zones in the forest area. You may experience multiple seasons in one day. Please increase or decrease your clothes in time.

Many scenic spots in the forest area are sparsely populated. When you play there, you need to bring some dry food and drinking water.

When you are playing in the forest area, you may encounter wild animals, don’t bother them, and be careful not to be hurt by them.

The 209 National Road in the forest area sometimes repairs roads. The road construction in the mountain area will have a greater impact on the vehicle. Self-driving tourists need to be psychologically prepared. Some roads in the forest area are rugged, so please drive carefully.