Lugu Lake

The waters of Lugu Lake are beautiful, but the infrastructure around the lake is not so perfect. Because of the environmental protection in the past two years, many illegal buildings on the lakeside have been demolished, but they have not yet been cleaned up. Apart from the main attractions, the environment around the lake is still somewhat dirty. From the small fish dam to the Daluoshui Village, the lakeside plank road is relatively better, and the scenery is beautiful. When the weather is fine, walking along the lake, you can see the blue lake, the blue sky and white clouds reflect the water, to make it really so charming. When you come there in the autumn and winter season, on the shore, you can see a lot of waterfowls. When the birds fly away in the spring and summer season, but large white seaweed flowers can still be seen in the shore water.

Usually, the tour guides advise visitors to travel around the lake. It takes half a day to turn around the lake. In fact, it is the several commanding heights of the road to the lake that overlook the Lugu Lake from different angles and take photos in several places with shoals and reeds. The scenery is slightly different. Those who don’t like to hurry can also choose to stay at a comfortable hotel by the lake, where you can also see different scenery. The place to see the water is mainly by effected by light. In the sunny and cloudy weather, the scenery of the Lugu Lake is the most beautiful, and the water is bright. But the color of the water in the same location is different in different weather.

There are many people visiting Lugu Lake in the peak season, and the accommodation in the popular area in the lake is expensive. The area in the northwest of the lake is less expensive than the Lige and Daluoshui, but it is not convenient to eat and go to various places. It will be more comfortable to go to Lugu Lake by self-driving. You can arrange your own time. It is recommended to avoid the long holiday season and find a hotel with better conditions at the lake for a few more days, slow down the pace, and go to places that locals like to go when the weather is good.